Okay if you know that phrase, you watched Matrix too much….Just like me. šŸ™‚

However few seem aware that the movie was based on a group of premises set forth by the late French Intellectual, Jean Baudrillard, in his book Simulacra & Simulation.

What is fascinating is that due to our preoccupation with wealth and style, with essentially the form over the substance, we’ve entered this phase reality where reality is a mere principle, that we find ourselves in a self challenge to define, maintain, and believe in. Fantasy, and promises in the interest of escaping reality, are the only form of reality we’re coming to know. Trust has faltered and knowing what is right, what is just, lost in the need to reveal every secret, as though the secret power of morality lie in defining what lies just below the surface of it, in a way that undermines and destroys all purpose, all meaning and potential, to where use is a mere manipulation for sake of an infinite cycle to liquidate all meaning, all reality.

We appear to strive to ask without reference, without purpose or meaning, just for the sake of action even if harm is its result, and I am not speaking of governments or people that come to the minds eye as visions of those who harm.

In any event, this blog is intended to refer people to http://toddy.blogtownhall.com and http://changingwind.org where articles are posted regarding our political and economic turmoils. I hope the substance of their points is enjoyable to any who should read them and will lead to an interest in looking up information, in finding what is not known, to know the difference between reality, simulation, and the simulacra that has become its own circular reference, its own perfection, and a new “hyper-reality,” ours.

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

P.S. I will be posting some of the articles when it seems the atmosphere of necessity requires it.


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